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Elderly Care in Vancouver, Washington

 * Our Mission *  Green Haven offers senior residences as an alternative to nursing homes, assisted living, and retirement homes by providing a higher level of elder care in a comfortable adult care home in Washington. Our service to the residents is based on a holistic approach to their social, emotional, and medical needs.  We care for the whole person - body, soul, and spirit.  We know the importance of a kind word, a gentle touch, and the healing power of a smile.  Everything about us, from the lay-out of our senior care facility to our caring practices, is geared toward providing a highest level  of  elder  care in a comfortable  home.  We are the best  Adult care home Vancouver Clark County Washington.  Phone 360-546-5754

     please view our this site for more info www.adultcarevancouver.com

**Home  ! Services  ! Activities  ! Directions ! Photos ! Education ! Contact us **Elderly care Vancouver is situated in a nice neighborhood of Salmon Creek, Vancouver.                                                                                                                   In addition to all kind of care  we are specialized in  Dementia, Alzheimer, Mental Health, and Developmentally Disabled.                                                                                                                 In adult family homes or foster homes you get more attention than senior care center and rest homes assisted living.  

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